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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dear Diary... It's me Lola! 9-1-08

Dear Diary,

I am so sad. My human put me in the vat of water thing today. She calls it a “bath”. I call it torture. I just stood there frozen and nearly cried. I mean, what does she think she’s doing to me anyway? What did I ever do to her? Except for vomit on the kitchen floor a few times, eat the trash and generally spaz out with joy whenever she comes home from the mysterious places she goes to each day.

Ok, I’m over it. She gave me yummy treats after, held me like a baby and said what sounded like nice things to me. I love her. She’s the best human! Or is the best human the one at the bank drive thru who always gives me those awesome biscuit things every time we go there? Hmmm...

Later, the two small furry things my human calls “cats” surround me and stiffed me. When I tried to get closer to them one hissed and ran away. The other punched me in the eye. When my human leaves, I will try to eat them.


P.S. I miss Phoebe.


christy long said...

ooooooooooooh lola! you have a great mom. sometimes the humans must bath you dogs because you start to get a little stinky. baker needs a bath right now. the poor darling has an armpit rash under one of his legs so i am just waiting. i did brush his teeth however. and you are also lucky to live with cats. i am going to rescue a cat next summer just for baker!~

Anonymous said...

hello Lola. Kelly misses you. She hopes you remembers the talk she had with you about eating cat food. Take care of your human until I get back and you owe me kisses when I see you next!

Stephen said...

Dear Lola,

I miss you too. My human has been walking me around the neighborhood. The scents are wonderful, so different. I was sick for nearly a week. Maybe it is a good thing we are staying away from the place that smells like other dogs.