The Mother Matilda Beasley Park is located on East Broad Street in downtown Savannah. The dog park was created in Spring 2008 and is maintained by the Chatham County Commissioners.

This site is very unofficial and is for the benefit of dogs and dog owners who frequent the park or those that are interested in visiting. We have no authority over the park except for our mutual interest in keeping it a vital community space.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


crickets mom took her to eureka farms for the week! maybe she will come back with some pictures? baker misses her but sure she is having fun chasing chickens and hatching eggs :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lost Dog - Please Help.

This is Dickens! He was lost the night the hurricane remnants went through Savannah. He wandered away around the 55th street/abercorn area. He was last seen that night on 52nd and Reynolds. He is about 16 and doesn't see nor hear very well. He is a very small sheltie and could possibly have been picked up and shaved by now, especially since he was out in the storm.

If you or anyone at all you know might have seen this dog...please let me know and I can put you in touch with the owner.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

micheal vic

if you are interested in the micheal vic story, tonight on animal planet there will be a special at 10 pm. i am unsure of everything in the story but i know it will show some of the dogs being placed in LOVING homes, which every dog deserves!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Farewell Friends!


Sorry we didn't get to say goodbye to many of you. Unfortunately I (grazina!) have been very sick the past couple of days and couldn't make it to the dog park. I will be taking Basil Thursday morning for one more romp around before we head out to Atlanta! Thanks to all the friends and everyone who let Basil give them lots and lots of kisses. Good luck to all of you and happy playtime!

respect the park

respecting the park is not only picking up your dogs poop!- but also trash. 2-3 weeks ago i came to the park to find a soda can on the grass that had been chewed. that could be very dangerous. i put it in the trash can, but it should have never reached the ground in the first place. there were also a few cans left on the table. im not one to harp, but i dont want any animal to get hurt. :)

New Signs and Recent Park Clean-up

I just wanted to publicly thank Ashley (Mela's Mom) for getting the new signs made up. They remind us to clean up after our dogs, stop them from digging holes and keep from adding to the mud. The signs are so professional and will stand the test of time and weather.

Also, this past Saturday morning Ahab and I arrived to find that Stephen (Phoebe's Dad) was there with his shovel and bucket filling in all the holes, cleaning up poop, moving tables and doing general clean-up. He didn't even have Phoebe with him! He was doing this on his own time.

These two deserve a big thank you from all of us for helping to keep the park in good condition.

Side bar - I've been a part of several conversations about moving the picnic tables around the park to give the yard time to recuperate from the dogs running around. If you come in and find them in a different place, that's likely why they've been moved. Please don't move them back into the mud.

A short history on Mother Mathilda Beasley 1.2

Opps! Sorry I forgot to use the Edit Html before I copied and pasted.

Georgia's First Black Nun Mathilda Taylor was born in 1834 in New Orleans, and came to Savannah as a young woman. She taught black children in her home before the Civil War, when it was still illegal. She married Abraham Beasley, a successful black businessman, in 1869. After the death of her husband in 1877, Mrs. Beasley journeyed to York England around 1885 to study as a nun, a Poor Clare, a branch of the Franciscan sisters. She returned to Savannah and established an orphanage in 1886 which became the St. Francis Home in 1892. In 1889, Sister Mathilda founded the first group of black nuns in Georgia which were of the 3rd order of St. Francis and became known as `Mother Mathilda.` Under her direction, this small order ran the orphanage for several years until it dispersed, Mother Mathilda gained help from the Church for her orphanage and in 1899, took the habit of the Franciscans and continued working at the orphanage. In 1901, she was given a cottage near the Sacred Heart Church to which she had earlier given her husband`s landholdings. She began to sew in her home and give the proceeds to poor blacks. On Dec. 20, 1903, the much beloved "Mother Beasley" was found dead kneeling in the cottage`s private chapel. Nearby were her burial clothes, funeral instructions and will.

Found: Silver Key

We found a silver key on the ground at the d/p. It looks like a house key or the key to an older car. 

Pheobe's Dad

Sunday, August 17, 2008

its me or the dog

i was looking on its me or the dog webesite. you can find it by going to animal planet. anyway...victoria stillwell is coming to the us to do shows here. i put in a request for her to help me with baker! its a long shot because he is so well behaved but i really can not walk him with out a pinch collar :( maybe others would like to be on the show and we can meet victoria at our dog park!!! and we would have a famous pooch!

Friday, August 15, 2008


sooo. i SLEPT in today and did not make it to the park till late 2nite, sad not to see basil. are you leaving this wednesday or next wednesday?? if it is next, maybe we could have a goodbye celebration next weekend? or maybe sunday if you are leaving this wednesday? anyone else up for it? basil will be missed so much and i think we should pay the little thing some respect for goodness sake!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Dog boarding at Eureka Farms

Nemo will be staying at Eureka Farms in September and we went to check it out. The dogs stay in the house with other dogs rather than in kennels and runs. Very nice house and farm (dogs, horses, sheep, chickens) about 45 miles from SAV. Heather, who runs the operation (dog breeding, training, boarding) explained how things work. A dog will eat and sleep alone but will be gradually introduced to other dogs for play, lolling around, and following Heather as she does chores. A fence surrounds the house and dogs play there except in the heat of the day. Here's the link to Eureka Farms

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

sasha monster


Abbey is enjoying the new park.

These are 2 photos of Abbey when she was a tiny piglet. I just wanted to say that Abbey and I are enjoying our new friends, as well as the old ones, at the Beasley Dog Park. She is particularly fond of the 2 pools where she can practice her breast strokes. Thanks to everyone in the morning crew for making her (and me) feel so at home.

Shout out from Nemo

Nemo, via his personal secretary, would like to thank his new friends at his new favorite place, Mother Beaseley's dog park. Starting from meeting his first Savannah buddy, Phoebe, to the the long grassy run and playballs for petite mouths, it is all good.

Nemo lit a candle for Mother Matilde Beaseley (photo attached). She sounds like a very nice lady, of “extreme height and commanding figure, ” and he would have liked to sit at her feet.

Dear Diary... It's me, Lola! 8.4.08

Dear Diary,

Ok. So there are these furry things that scurry around my backyard and perch on the fence taunting me. My human calls them “squirrels”. I call them: assholes. I can’t stand their beady little eyes and bushy little tails. And they sit there just staring at me. I’m like, “WTF man?!” So I sit perfectly still waiting for one of the little buggers to make his move, then I POUNCE!

My human freaked out & yelled at me to “chill the F*?k out!” I don’t know what this means exactly, but whenever she starts making noises with her deep, loud voice I know that means she doesn’t like what I’m doing. So I went back on the porch to chillax, but how can anyone chillax when those things are out there… in the trees and bushes and stuff? They’re like furry little ninjas or something. It’s freakin’ weird when you think about it.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dog-Friendly Spaces in Savannah

I heard a rumor that Gallery Espresso no longer allows dogs inside to hang out. Does anyone else know if this is true? This makes me so sad if so. Ahab liked it there and liked to play "your team" while making fun of hipsters.

Friday, August 1, 2008

lost at dog park

yesterday i left my glass at the park. it is a pint glass and in green it says.......wearecaliforniagrown on it. it also has a green leaf on it. if someone picked it up, please bring it back to the park for me. if i am not there, you can leave it in the toy bin. thank you so much, christy aka bakers mom