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Sunday, August 24, 2008

micheal vic

if you are interested in the micheal vic story, tonight on animal planet there will be a special at 10 pm. i am unsure of everything in the story but i know it will show some of the dogs being placed in LOVING homes, which every dog deserves!

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christy long said...

well i watched it obviously, and out of the 66 dogs, 53 were pitbull, only one pitbull had to be euthanized. another female named rose was put down because she was in agonizing pain. m. vick was involed in the dog fights but the real case was him killing with his own bare hands 6 dogs that had lost dog fights and buried in his back yard. he drowned one, picked one up- threw it down so hard it entire body was fractured, shot one....and when he was apologizing in court-he said sincere sorrys to his family and fans, but not sorry for the all the dogs he fought or harmed. so he just doesnt get it. actually the town it was happening in compared dog fighting to slaugtering chickens for food. its sick really. pitbulls want only to please their owners, and some people exploit that and reward their pitbulls for fighting. anyway....i am happy to have my pitbull to show people what a good boy he is!