The Mother Matilda Beasley Park is located on East Broad Street in downtown Savannah. The dog park was created in Spring 2008 and is maintained by the Chatham County Commissioners.

This site is very unofficial and is for the benefit of dogs and dog owners who frequent the park or those that are interested in visiting. We have no authority over the park except for our mutual interest in keeping it a vital community space.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

respect the park

respecting the park is not only picking up your dogs poop!- but also trash. 2-3 weeks ago i came to the park to find a soda can on the grass that had been chewed. that could be very dangerous. i put it in the trash can, but it should have never reached the ground in the first place. there were also a few cans left on the table. im not one to harp, but i dont want any animal to get hurt. :)

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