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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please consider helping out

The following email was forwarded to me from the voluntary animal welfare program Voice For Pets. Since they are the organization that brought Ahab and I together, I want to publicize their efforts. If you can even donate a few dollars to save a little pup, it would be helpful.

"Not good news. The newest rescue puppy from Animal Control has parvo. Remember, the cute little Shepherd mix... Samantha, the foster home took her to the ER today and she'll stay there until morning. We may have to do the VCA thing again if I cannot come up with another option :(. The ER does NOT give us a break at all and we also know that VCA overcharges and has reduced the animal welfare discount to just about nothing! Samantha will have a huge bill and we need to collect donations for it and donations to help the pup in the coming week. Please keep the puppy in mind and if you have any friends who might donate to help her please let them know her story. As a consequence of this we can (yes, again) not rescue from AC for a while. Have to pay off this bill first. Then, also, no more puppies at all. I am saying that to myself much more so than to you. I am the one who forgets....
Thank you

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whyistheworldsocreepyshesaid said...

just mailed a check in honor of you and ahab.

much love, dawn and lola!