The Mother Matilda Beasley Park is located on East Broad Street in downtown Savannah. The dog park was created in Spring 2008 and is maintained by the Chatham County Commissioners.

This site is very unofficial and is for the benefit of dogs and dog owners who frequent the park or those that are interested in visiting. We have no authority over the park except for our mutual interest in keeping it a vital community space.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas day at the dog park!

i admit i am a little chicken today. there was a new person at the dog park, letting and encouraging his 2 doxin dogs to dig in the pre existing holes. then one of them peed in the water bowl! i didnt say anything and just left because this person made me very uncomfortable. i hope others are more vocal than me. and i apologize for not defending the park we all love!!! ALSO. a GIANT GINORMOUS THANK YOU to BOONS owner for coming in with his shovel and filling in the major holes along the fence and water area. it made a huge difference and next time some one allows their dog to dig, i will try and muster up the courage to say, hey dont let them do that!! (the person actually was saying GET IT like there was something at the bottom of the hole for their dog to get!!!)

so if you were a squirrel..............this is what baker would look like to you!!!


i am dave said...
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i am dave said...

sorry i couldnt be there for christmas, i hope everyone had a wonderful day. and believe me, i will say something if i see that happen.