The Mother Matilda Beasley Park is located on East Broad Street in downtown Savannah. The dog park was created in Spring 2008 and is maintained by the Chatham County Commissioners.

This site is very unofficial and is for the benefit of dogs and dog owners who frequent the park or those that are interested in visiting. We have no authority over the park except for our mutual interest in keeping it a vital community space.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


well, i was just trying to get your attention with that heading! if you are reading this it worked. i just wanted to share with people a concern i have........and a solution as well :) so about 3 weeks ago, during the was not crowded at the park at all. i was there with baker throwing the ball. precious sasha was there and about five other dogs. a woman was standing not exactly in the middle of the dog park, im not sure her name but she owns Moakely- a jack russel mix>? any way............she was knocked clear on her butt/back! it was a little scary. she was indeed fine. but can you imagine if she landed the wrong way, could have been hurt! luckily it wasnt baker that knocked her down. but thats just it, it happened so fast, no one really knew which dog it was.
WHATS MY POINT? lately ive been seeing people come in in with babies and it makes me very uncomfortable. its not safe no matter where you stand. the dogs are fast and get up under the tables, on the tables. and they are dogs, it is their park. i did notice a new couple at the park and they had a great game plan for them, their english bull puppy Cash, and their baby. the mom stayed outside the gate with the baby and the dad stayed inside to monitor the pup, pick up poop and what not. they switched later and the mom came inside.
it also reminds me of late summer when the adults came into the park in the late morning with a dog and a young child that just learned to walk im guessing? he was walking around unattended and one of the dogs almost bit him. some people might even be weirded out i go to the park being pregnant, but one thing is for sure. babies can cause dogs to be curious and jump- they might think it a toy. i just wanted to share about the couple the Cash, it truely was a great idea. and when Liam(my hubby) and i saw how they were able to dfo the dog park thing, we thought!-PERFECT solution, because just because a baby comes baker will not be dethroned from the life he knows. oh yeah, just a fact to share with yall- pitbulls used to be called NANNY DOGS because they are so tolerant of children. has anyone ever pulled on bakers ears or bit his face?hehehehe, well lots of dogs do that to him at the park and he takes it like a gentleman!!well there is my rambling........blablablalblabla

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